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Water is undoubtedly a blessing from Allah Almighty and we tend to take it for the granted. However, we realize the difficulties that are faced by people who are living without any access to safe water.


Giving water is recommended highly in Islam.


It was stated by the Messenger of Allah Almighty:


‘Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, will say on the Day of Resurrection, “O son of Adam, I asked for you something to drink but you did not give it to me.” He will say, “O Lord, how can I give you something to drink when You are the Lord of the worlds?” Allah will say, “My servant so-and-so asked you to give him something to drink and you did not give it to him. Had you given to him; you would have surely found that with Me.”


This strong language indicates that those who are not giving water are missing an amazing opportunity of drawing closer to Allah by taking care of others and providing them with water. From bringing a glass of water to a person to building a well in a dry and deprived area, anyone who serves others by giving water will surely be rewarded by Allah.


So, participate and help poor villagers in Essaouira.



With a donation of $100, you can provide lifetime safe drinking water for 50 individuals. With $300, you can provide water for 150 people for their lifetime. And at $1500, you can build your own well.


The Story:

In isolated villages in Essaouira, there are hundreds of deprived families as the region does not have the necessary facilities to live properly. There are 5 villages and there is only 1 well. This well is shared between them.


Since a lot of people make the use of this well, it offers low volumes of water. The five villages have their turns to take water from the well. It means people have to wait four days to take water from the well.


Moreover, they have to walk approximately 5 kilometers to reach the well. These villagers rely on rainfalls for cultivating and selling their crops to earn income, just to survive. For many years now, the rain has been decreasing in the region. If this goes, they will be completely deprived of water. Therefore, something needs to be done for them.


With your donations, we can create a well for these people and ensure that they don’t suffer and live happily.


‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “[Providing] water.” [Abu Dawud]


We use water for everything from cooking and growing crops to washing dishes. Deprived communities generally face unimaginable hardships to access it. Your donation can provide these communities with a gift of water.



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