Winter Aid For Rohingya In Bangladesh

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The Rohingya have faced many challenges in their lives, and winter only adds to the difficulties. Without adequate protection, they are exposed to the risk of disease and compromised comfort of life. This is our chance to give a touch of humanity and lighten their burden. The Rohingya people need help during the winter because they are in a very vulnerable situation and are exposed to various health and comfort risks during the cold weather.




Many of the Rohingya live in villages that may not have strong residential structures or adequate shelter. Many of them may not have access to cold clothes or appropriate jackets to protect themselves from low temperatures.





Furthermore, winter is often associated with an increased risk of illnesses such as colds, coughs, and respiratory infections. Rohingya people, especially children and the elderly, may be more vulnerable to the disease without adequate protection. Not only in terms of physical health, but cold weather can also have an emotional and mental impact. Comfort is an important aspect of providing quality of life, and winter help can provide some comfort in difficult conditions.



Therefore, we aim to provide winter aid to 30 Rohingya who are now forced to face the winter without adequate shelter. In this effort, we hope to raise funds of RM 3,060, which will be used to get cold jackets for RM 32 each and blankets for RM 74 each.



Through winter aid such as jackets and blankets, we can help protect them from exposure to cold weather that may harm their health. These are small efforts that can make a big difference in improving their quality of life during this challenging season.



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