Winter Relief For Refugees And Displaced Families

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The arrival of the winter season and the strong cold waves has caused a tragic death to the displaced families in the IDPs camps. The living condition deteriorating and causes difficult situation to many unfortunate. The phenomenon of death based on the cold weather in the displacement camps occurs due to several reasons.


The forced and sudden displacement of the innocent families is the biggest reason that contribute to the suffers of the people in winter as they are exposed to the open or in primitive and poor-quality tents as well as lack of clothing or heating materials for them to keep their body warm.



In this critical moment, it is important for us to provide necessary shelter materials for the displaced, such as blankets, beds, with their other items to relieve the cold of the displaced families, including children, women, the elderly, and those who suffer from diseases. Besides, providing heating devices that may help relieve severe cold waves and giving basic food baskets, dates and foods that contain sugars, as they relieve the cold can surely help to reduce the burden and save many lives.




This winter relief will be sent to 1,000 displaced families in Bangladesh, Yemen and Syria. Would you like to join us and keep them warm throughout this winter?




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