Our Mission

Support Development of NGOs and Individual

ForNeedy has developed a crowdfunding platform for NGOs and Individuals has the urge to support NGOs and Individuals to raise funds for their project.

Develop The Value of Humanity And Leadership

ForNeedy has designed 4 special highlighted programs to endorse the values of humanity and leadership in community.

Encourage Community To Involve In Humanitarian Project

Not everyone realize their responsibilities as a community. Well-designed and proper humanitarian project can encourage the community to get involve and play their role.

Offer Opportunity For The Community To Contribute

Most of the people are mistaken that all the community development should solely under government responsibilities. Hence, with this platform we want to highlight that everyone can contribute.

Encourage Youth To Participate In Volunteering Programs

A well-designed volunteering programs can bring a huge different to the community and participation of the youth will elevate success of grooming a future leader.